Thursday, November 26, 2009

Week Before Thanksgiving

So, last Friday, David came home from a work trip San Francisco. We had a lovely dinner of grilled pork chops, asparagus and potato cakes. I must confess, the only part I actually prepared was the pork, and, even so, David grilled it. Our local market has a fantastic deli and a good variety of take and heat dishes. The asparagus and potaotes came from there. I reasoned that with my taking Andrew to school, going to "my" school, the doctor's office, the market, the bank, and a couple of other errands, picking Andrew up, getting him lunch and down for a nap, putting away groceries, cleaning the fridge, doing a couple loads of laundry, and all of it with a fuzzy allergy head and the deepest desire to do nothing but lie down for a nap, I could use the extra help. (Have I whined enough?)

But, Friday afternoon, Andrew woke up asking to make applesauce and yogurt as he and I had planned earlier. So, we peeled apples and made applesauce, and started the yogurt in the Crock Pot. The applesauce was easy. Four large apples peeled and chopped, a little lemon juice, brown sugar, cinnamon, and water simmered in a pot on the stove for 15 minutes or so, then mashed, and we had applesauce. Andrew loves it warm. Then we started the yogurt using the recipe from crockpot365. I used packets of yogurt culture instead of pre-made yogurt, and I used 2% instead of whole milk. The 2% was unintentional. I meant to pick up whole milk but picked up the 2% out of habit. I did add gelatin, but the yogurt was pretty thin, and I prefer Greek style, so I lined a strainer with cheesecloth and drained the yogurt overnight. It turned out pretty well. I'll use whole milk next time to see if it makes it thicker.

On Sunday, we made BBQ spareribs. We haven't tried the whole rib rub/ sauce thing before, but we've watched various cooking shows about it. We were pleased with the results. We had intended to cook them on Saturday, but our plans changed so we cooked them on Sunday. We put the rub (something store-bought that was all natural and sounded good) on them Saturday morning, and they sat in the fridge until Sunday afternoon. David grilled them on the gas grill, and basted them with BBQ sauce (also store-bought) toward the end. They were delish. Oh and quite pretty too. david did very well on the char.

It's been a busy week preparing for Thanksgiving. My husband's grown son is coming in to visit for a few days. Yea! Andrew is so excited that he has woken up every morning for almost a week saying, "Shane's coming today!" and then is a little bummed when we've had to explain it would be a few days more. But he'd perk back up when he got to tell someone that Shane was coming to see him. But I digress.

David is a great cook. He just travels too much to cook regularly. But every Thanksgiving, we either invite the family to our house, or he talks my mom into letting him make the turkey and dressing for the family lunch gathering at her house. So, he cooked the turkey tonight, and he'll make the dressing in the morning.

I made an apple pie, mostly from scratch. I followed this Double Crust Apple Pie recipe for the filling. The reviews said the crust part of the recipe is wonderful, but knowing I would battle timing (the story of my life - just wait, if you haven't already, you'll see a pattern), I bought the Pilsbury refrigerated crusts in the red box. I tasted the filling, which you pre-cook, and it was yummy. Then the whole thing baked up nicely. I'll give you the verdict after we eat it tomorrow.

We'll likely go easy on breakfast tomorrow morning since we'll have lunch at Mom and Dad's. But Friday, I'm thinking Migas, something I learned from my friend Brenda during an antique shopping trip years ago. Hmm, I can almost taste the chorizo...

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