Thursday, November 26, 2009


Wow. Today was Thanksgiving, and we had lots of cooking going on here! I failed to take pictures, but David made a beautiful turkey, sausage dressing, cornbread dressing (as a special treat for me), turkey gravy, and Brussels sprouts with apple and bacon. I must say, the cornbread dressing was fantastic. David read a food journal entry I made many years ago while trying to learn the recipe that had been handed down from my grandmother to my mom. It was one of those recipes that went something like this, "Add crumbled cornbread to torn white bread, and lightly toast. Use enough to fit your pan. Add seasoning (to taste) to the broth and add enough broth to bread and mix to make moist to wet." That was the extent of David's experience with cornbread dressing (he's not from around here, you know) besides having had a not-too-great version in a cafeteria once many, many years ago. He did a bang-up job! I was impressed. And ate a lot. Hmm hmm... Oh, and sorry, I can't share the recipe, because it doesn't really translate to tablespoons and cups very well.

Ooh, the apple pie was yummy. That recipe was a definite keeper. The filling was light, not too sweet, too syrupy, or too runny, and because the filling is pre-cooked, the crust didn't deflate nor burn. I'm definitely filing this one in the notebook.

We took our dishes to Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving lunch. Mom made an incredible ham. So good. We also had corn, green beans, sweet potatoes, crudités, relish tray, and mashed potatoes. Then there were pies: besides mine, cherry, pumpkin, and more apple. There was a tasty strawberry shortcake tumble, jello salad, and whipped cream. Let's just say we were all well-fed and each took a little food away for tomorrow.

Two of my brothers and three sisters-in-law were able to be there, as well as, many of my nephews and nieces, and an invited guest of one niece. We prayed for the family members who couldn't join us, missed those who have gone before us, and enjoyed the ones with whom we shared the day. The kids - I use that term lightly - piled up the zillions of leaves in the backyard into a mountain and shrieked in laughter while jumping in and rolling around. Footballs were thrown through the tire swing, stories were shared, Christmas plans made, pictures taken, and everyone lingered just a little longer than usual, relishing the happy memories being made. The sun was bright, the air was cool, and the day went too quickly.

Seems to me, we don't get together often enough. We all have lives that keep us busy: family, work, church, charitable causes, sports, school... But today, we didn't just get together to check of one more box in our holiday schedules. We stopped running, ate a lovely meal, and enjoyed some time with people we've known longer than anyone else.

Family is but one of the many blessings in my life, but it is a constant blessing. I am so thankful for each and every one of them... Happy Thanksgiving.

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