Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Starbucks for dinner?

This was one of those days that I didn't think much about food. Was too busy running around. I'm on autopilot with Andrew's eating. I can make his meals or snacks in my sleep, and have probably done so at one time or another. He had yogurt and I had fruit for breakfast, then headed out the door. Andrew went to Mimi's for the day, and I went to my unpaid job. I treated myself to lunch to Atlanta Bread. Their Basil Pesto Pasta is a current fave of mine. So, afer that and a couple rows of knitting, I was back to busy-ness.

On my way to the second shift of the unpaid job, I had a chill, so I drove through Starbucks for a Chai Latte to warm up. Non-fat, half-sweet, of course. Yum. It wasn't until I arrived at Mimi's a few hours later and smelled fresh cornbread that I realized I had not eaten. I really wasn't hungy, but she had also cooked a pot of Great Northern beans and roasted some potatoes too. Delish. A small bowl of beans, slice of cornbread and little serving of potatoes later, I was more than full. Good meal on a chilly day. I enjoyed the latte, but the beans were perfect.

Yesterday Mimi & Granddad joined Andrew and me for supper of pork pot pie. I diced the leftover pork chop from Sunday's dinner, diced some onion, and diced and parboiled a little carrot & potato. I sauted the onion and pork with a little olive oil, added the potatoes and carrots, a handful of frozen peas (Mimi would claim I added the whole bag - but that's another story) and frozen corn and mixed it all till warmed through. Removed that to a bowl and used the skillet to make a pale roux, then added some milk and made cream sauce. Mixed it all back together, dumped it into a pie shell, topped it with a pie crust and baked @ 350 F  for approximately a half hour. Could've been a little creamier, but I thought it was tasty. Mimi & Granddad each ate a small piece. Andrew wouldn't touch it. I ate pot pies all the time when I was grwoing up. Who knew my parents and three year-old don't care for pot pie? The other half goes into the freezer for David's return. He likes it. Maybe I'll just serve Starbucks next time...

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