Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Philly Mushroom Subs

Tonight's dinner was simple. I popped frozen sweet potato fries into the oven, threw some salad in a bowl, and made Philly Mushroom Subs.

For the subs, I started by "sauteing" some onions in a little veggie broth and sprayed a few pumps of Bragg's Liquid Amino for flavor. I set those aside because Andrew doesn't like onions. Had I been making this just from the grown-ups, I'd have left them in the pan and continued. Then I added sliced red and green peppers and cooked those for a couple of minutes then added sliced mushrooms and a little celery. I added a few more pumps of Amino and a little more broth to prevent the mix from drying out and scorching. Also tossed in a few sliced sun-dried tomatoes. I sliced a couple of bollilo rolls from the market, hollowed a little of the extra bread from the middle and filled the bread with the mixture, topping the grown-ups' sandwiches with the onion. David and Andrew still eat cheese, so they wanted a little shredded Italian cheese on theirs. I popped them into the oven on a baking sheet after removing the fries. Baked them for a few minutes to crisp the bread and melt the boys' cheese. Turned out great. David said he loved it and that he'd eat them every night if I choose to make them. Andrew ate quite a bit of his sandwich, most of his salad and all of the fries. He also "sneaked" salad veggies as I chopped them, so he ate a lot of salad. Can't complain 'bout that.

As for the Bragg's Liquid Aminos. I've seen it recommended in several vegetarian/vegan resources as a good additional source of nutrients and flavoring. I've used it a couple of times now. So far so good. I didn't add any other seasonings tot he sub filling. It was yummy.

I did need to chop a few veggies for this dinner, but usually I keep most of them chopped in the fridge, or at least cleaned, trimmed and ready to go. Makes cooking go much quicker.

Let's talk salad for a minute. Many people, especially at home, think lettuce, tomato and onion as the standard salad. I have a thing about adding everything but the kitchen sink. Tonight, for example, I added mushrooms, radishes, peppers, tomatoes, and celery. I meant to add onion but forgot, and I was out of carrot and cucumber. Frequently I'll add a few nuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, or dried fruit. For croutons, which I rarely just have on hand, I'll break up some pretzels, toss in a few mini crackers, or toast up some bread cubes. I keep trying to make it as interesting as possible without adding a lot of fat to mine. As a no-fat dressing option, I'll sprinkle on sherry, raspberry or balsamic vinegar. Salsa also makes a tasty dressing. Just trying to keep it interesting.

Now, what to have tomorrow? Maybe something with leftover bollilo rolls...

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